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Architect: Felicity Atekpe, White Table 

Flowers Gallery was first established in 1970 on Lisle Street in London’s West End, more recently moving into a 12,000 sq foot industrial space in Shoreditch, East London. Now, Flowers have two gallery spaces in London and one in the United States. Flowers participates regularly in art fairs internationally. The programme in both the UK and US comprises all media by established and emerging artists. The gallery is an active publisher of prints and multiples with an established department in contemporary international photography. 

When refurbished in 2014 Dan Flowers contacted GEC Anderson to produce a stainless steel worktop that would be incorporated into the gallery kitchen. the gallery kitchen is used on a daily basis by fifteen staff members and also by outside caterers that are hired to cater for exhibitions. The area is well used on a regular basis and needed to be long lasting and hygienic. 

Architect, Felicity Atekpe, of White Table Interior Designs “in relation to the kitchen I was trying to get a different kind of space from the normal gallery and wanted it all to be hues of blues and moody (restful) with the stainless steel as the sparkle. Dan suggested GEC Anderson. At the time I showed them photographs which were stills from the Japanese film Floating Weeds by Yasujiro Ozu but they chickened out of painting the walls darker and the floor... You never know though, they might yet.” 

Dan, of Flowers Gallery, has known of GEC Anderson for over twenty years through a previous profession in the construction industry. Dan recommends the GEC Anderson stainless steel “they are quality, solid surfaces that can be made to fit a specific area and they are made to last when used on a daily basis. The GEC Anderson surfaces are the best around and they are also the best value for money with a high end finish” Dan later added that “the service I received throughout my dealings with GEC Anderson was excellent and I am very pleased with the worktop and sink”. 

For more information on any of our projects or services please contact us on +44 (0)1442 82 6999.