What is the maximum size for a worktop made in one piece ?

* Stainless steel worktops can be made in one piece, any size to 6.5m. * GEC Anderson regard widths up to 650mm as standard. * Wider sizes (normally up to 1200mm) are also available. * Maximum 'returns' for L-shaped tops, in one piece is 2300mm. * For textured finish stainless steel, the maximum size is 2400x1150mm.

How are worktops joined ?

Normally, when joins between tops are required, a 'butt-joint' is recommended. Tops are simply butted together and sealed with a clear mastic joint.

Are 'fluted' or sloping 'drainers' available?

All GEC Anderson sinktops are flat, not fluted or sloping. This makes more efficient use of valuable work-surface area in the kitchen (which is usually limited). Instead of employing the conventional, so called, drainer the surface remains flat and useable. By using a ‘watersafe’ perimeter edge the working surface is maximised, whilst making the surface safe against spillage. Standard bowl and drainer options are available (eg. IS11 and IS21). Alternatively, a special shallow recessed area can be provided around the bowl.

What about 'curved' worktops?

Curved tops are available, however edge details are limited to (8) and (6) on curved edges.

Can the height of edges be varied ?

All edge profiles can be varied. Heights and widths can be specified, as required. Please contact us for further details.

What is the maximum height for integral upstands?

The maximum recommended INTEGRAL upstand height is 100 mm. For upstand heights exceeding 100 mm, separate splashbacks are suggested.

What is the minimum distance from front edge of top to bowl?

Minimum distance from any edge of top to sink bowl is 35 mm. Where tapholes are required, the minimum distance at back is 80 mm.

What size tapholes are required?

* Monoblock mixer taps - Ø35 mm * Pillar taps - Ø30 mm * Special sizes and configurations are always available.

What is the minimum space required between bowls?

Minimum recommended distance between individual bowls placed within stainless steel sinktop surface is 35mm.

Are Sinks and Worktops backed on an underlay ?

GEC Anderson sinks and worktops are bonded to 18mm lacquered blockboard, as standard. Optionally, thicker backing material can be specified (eg. to fill non-standard edge details).

How are stainless steel sinks and worktops installed ?

Installation of GEC Anderson sinks and worktops is very straightforward as they are supplied pre-bonded to blockboard. Simply lay the tops onto supporting cabinets and fix from underside. Take care that screws used are of an appropriate length!

Are templates necessary ?

Generally, templates are not required. GEC Anderson will work to the sizes specified, normally by means of drawings. When templates are required, simply supply these with your order. NB that a small charge applies to reading-off from templates.

If I supply my own worktop, can GEC Anderson apply the stainless steel surface to it ?

No. GEC Anderson sinks and worktops are supplied with their own underlay.