What are Individual Bowls?

GEC Anderson Individual Bowls are available for under-mounting or setting-in to alternative worksurfaces. Of course, all bowls can be integrated with stainless steel worktops.

What makes stainless steel bowls from GEC Anderson so special?

GEC Anderson offers the widest range of stock bowl sizes available. From the smallest to the largest. Bowls are made from high quality satin stainless steel and are available with a choice of flanges and outlets.

Are all bowls available with a choice of outlet sizes?

All 'Le' (eg Le34) and 'Be' (eg Be50) and circular bowls have Ø38 mm outlet and overflow fittings, complete with plug and chain, as standard. Optionally, the Ø89 mm hole is available (for Waste Disposal Unit or Basket Strainer Waste fittings - except in V211 and T10). The same applies to the main bowl in 'K' bowls (eg K29). The smaller bowl in 'K' bowls has Ø89 mm hole, as standard. IS21 bowls are supplied complete with Basket Strainer Waste fittings (Ø89 mm hole is standard).

Can Individual Bowls be under-mounted?

All GEC Anderson Individual Bowls can be under-mounted (with the exception of the IS series). For under-mounting, select flange type B.

Can Individual Bowls be surface-mounted?

Certain GEC Anderson Individual Bowls can be surface-mounted.

Which bowl sizes are available?

GEC Anderson offers the widest range of standard bowl sizes available. Circular, rectangular, double and combinations are all included in the GEC Anderson range of standard bowl sizes.

Are special bowl sizes available?

Special bowls can be made in any size with corner, central, back or side outlet.